Why would I have two different e-mails from the BBC asking for interviews ?

It is strange that we have managed to go all summer without anyone needing to have a go at Ming Campbell, and arrive just a few days short of the Party conference without the press managing to manipulate a story along the lines of "Ming must go", then Ming's announcement about the EU referendum (don't start me on that) allows the press to jump on a real story or dissent against him.

Anyone with an announce of political common sense could have prevented the press from having a chance to run these stories. but now they cannot be stopped because they are true.

Why else would I have two e-mails from different parts of the BBC (Radio and TV) asking for interviews ?

I am not going to do them, but anyone who does cannot be blamed because had Ming had an ounce of sense when he did his interview on the EU constitution, then all this could have been avoided.

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lunartalks said...

1. Because you once wrote a well-argued post critical of Ming, and therefore went into the BBC's database of Lib Dems critical of Ming.

2. Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live's trailer from John Pienaar the conferences. The BBC has decided its agenda for the Lib Dem conference 'Lib Dems having a hard time, has Ming got the zing?'

3. You are associated with an LD MP, and any criticism from you would be more peppery, in hack eyes.

4. Journalists are lazy, I've been one, I know.

Good for you for declining to comment.