Cameron's Tories making a comeback in the cities

You know how "Call me Dave" Cameron likes to tell us how well the Tories are doing in the great municipal cities in the North these days ?

Perhaps he could explain how his party came seventh (yes 7th) in a by-election in Liverpool yesterday.

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Paul Leake said...

The Tories don't tend to specify the municipal cities as areas they need to break into - they didn't hold any seats in the City of Liverpool in 1992 and still won the election overall. What they really need to be able to do is take back seats in places like Southport or the outliers of Greater Manchester, the less inner-city parts of West Yorkshire or the northern edge of Leeds etc. The tragedy for the Tories (hurrah!) isn't that the dearth of Tory councillors in the biggest cities (which tend to have very tight boundaries anyway) but that while they have had some limited success in parts of Lancashire, outer York, Darlington etc - they've moved backwards under Cameron in most of West Yorkshire and the idea of Tory MPs in Oldham/Rochdale, Sheffield Hallam or Middlesbrough E/Cleveland S doesn't look very realistic.