Margaret Thatcher dead ?

Yes, you did read the headline right. For one small moment this afternoon I genuinely thought she had died. How did this come to pass ? I'll explain.

I was at the gym, and sadly rather than watching Deal Or No Deal on one TV or watching MTV on the other, I was watching Sky News, or to be more precise, I was listening and not really watching. Sky were doing a piece, so it transpired about the Chess Board killer, a Russian murderer and how he was caught, but interrupted this piece without warning to bring us pictures of Margaret Thatcher leaving Ten Downing Street, but in a rather unfortunate way the sound from both clips made perfect sense when cut together, as they were, as one sentence.

Whilst talking about the serial killer the reporter said

"He was caught after the body was found of "

(cut away to Margaret Thatcher - new reporter says)

"Mrs Thatcher in Downing Street"

So me, not fully concentrating, nearly fell from the treadmill when I heard

" He was caught after the body was found of ... Mrs Thatcher in Downing Street"

I am sure there are many who live in hope.


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Anonymous said...

"I am sure there are many who live in hope"

Are you one of them? The 'liberal' I hate the most is Shirley Williams - but I wouldnt wish death on her.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I've sat with Shirley Williams at an annual dinner in North Norfolk. I only wishe dI had done so 6 years earlier when I had written my dissertation about the Lib Dems and the SDP. A lovely lady.

As for Thatcher, I don't wish her dead, but I really REALLY do not like her.