What does Russia's response to Burma tell us about Russia's democracy ?

If you were an alien just arrived on Earth who knew nothing of world politics, you might be able to divide the world by it;s political systems very easily by examining each country's response to the situation in Burma.

The EU, the USA, indeed virtually every democratic society in the world has spoken out against the undemocratic and brutal military regime in Burma.

On the other side. standing as opponents to the protests are China, of course, the puppeteers in chief to Burma's regime, and with them Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe, a country that cares little for democracy or the rule of law.

So what ought it to tell us that with Zimbabwe and China stands Russia ?

Zimbabwe and China have a history, a very recent history, of butchering thousands of its own citizens, in China's case literally tens of thousands in Tianamen Square (and then spent several weeks burning the bodies). They both refuse to accept democratic reforms. Both nations have ruling elites who are grossly corrupt, incredibly rich and show a complete contempt for the law. yet Russia stands side by side with these countries.

Whilst Russia may not have butchered its own citizens for protesting (yet), surely Russia shows all the other signs of becoming a repressive one party state of a country. I always say you can judge a person by the company they keep. Russia's company tells us all we need to know.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how Iain Dale said you write too much, meaning your better stories can be overlooked. And when you write a better story like this, nobody comments.

It rather highlights that readers only want gossip, not real comment.

Anonymous said...

The new "Axis of Evil"?

Aaron Trevena said...

I think you're spot on here Nich!

Russia has been working towards Chinese style political control - if you watch how a once relatively free media is now controlled, how dissidents and opponents tend to be silenced through intimidation or poisoning or "accidents", it's pretty clear that Russia is heading towards a dictatorship.