Utter Garbage from a Roman Catholic Archbishop

It appears the fight against contraception by the Roman Catholic church has hit a new low with a senior Archbishop scandalously claiming that European made condoms are deliberately infected with HIV to give people AIDS.

I know the Roman Catholic Church hates all forms of contraception, but what this suggesting, no actually, what this man is brazenly telling lies about, is an utter disgrace. Because of his statement, some people will not use condoms, which in turn will mean they will get HIV/AIDS and will die.

What do you call a man whose deliberate actions will lead to some one's death. I'd call them a murderer.

It is time for the Catholic Church to take a stand against these ruinous renegade Archbishops. If the Catholic church does nothing to speak out against this idiotic Bishop's statements they will be seen to be offering support to him.

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