More idiocy from Robert Mugabe

When you country is collapsing around you, when foreign companies are already fleeing the country with their foreign currency reserves, when unemployment is at an all time high, when what you desperately need is jobs, investment and hope for your people, Robert Mugabe consistently fails to deliver and does the worst thing possible.

Luckily for Mugabe, he has friends in Russia, Burma, China and no doubt with Hugo Chavez too. Te problem is for Zimbabweans that Africa, and in particular South Africa, care little about the suffering of Black People in Zimbabwe. All they care about is that Mugabe is seen to attack the now tiny white population in Zimbabwe (now less than 50,000 people).

All those people in Europe who joined the ANC to fight for human rights in Southern Africa in the 1970's and 80's must feel very let down by the ANC now.


Zimboy said...


The blind old man lay gasping,
The spittle from his contagious, diseased breath splattered the eagerly attending vultures,
Each wheeze brought the inevitable moment closer,
The noxious fumes emitted from his body suffocated the rest,
Die now old man so we can breath.


Kizzie said...

I agree with you that Mugabe is an idiot however, I don't think we are ok with him attacking the remaing white zimbabweans.
Mugabe's actions are harming both the white and black population. Although he did target the white population sometimes(land distribution/2000)...his policies left many black zimbabweans homeless,starving and ready to walk to south africa to get a job.