Re-writing History ? Operation Black Vote's account of Priti Patel

Just reading up on various candidates, I note that Operation Black Vote has a profile on Priti Patel, the rather vacuous Tory candidate for Witham. Having seen her on Question Time she is the biggest cure for insomnia you are ever likely to find, but her write up seems very odd indeed.

Firstly it says "She spent her time growing up in areas including Islington, Northfolk, Hertfordshire and Harrow."

My first question therefore is where the hell is Northfolk ? It's like the made up name of a place in an ITV drama, presumably starring Martin Clunes or Robson Green (as every ITV series seems to do).

The second thing that struck me as odd about her was that it says "She later returned to politics and stood for the first time as a Conservative Party Candidate for Nottingham North in 2004"

I never knew there was an election in Nottingham North in 2004. Presumably this parliamentary by-election slipped past all the other political parties without anyone noticing.

Of course, none of these historical accuracies can be put down to Ms Patel, although presumably she gave an interview to Operation Black Vote. What it does show though is that some journalists who write these profiles on politicians are very very dim indeed.


Anonymous said...

If you're going to criticise other people for getting place names wrong, you should learn how to spell Kirkcaldy.

Norfolk Blogger said...

But I think most people know where I mean. Northfolk could be Norfolk or Northholt, I don't know. As for comparing me to a full time journalist, chalk and cheese really isn't it. I am a part time blogger. A bigger difference.