Making promises that do not have to be kept

The BBC Political correspondent said on Radio Five this morning that a rich Tory donor spoke to him at a party in Blackpool last night and said the Tories plans for a £25k tax on non domiciled residents would not work because it would simply drive them overseas.

It seems to me that the plans is neither costed nor workable, but works for the Tories in so much as it allows them to make promises that they know they will not have to keep.

It's is in sharp contrast to the Lib Dems fully costed proposals.

They always used to say the Liberals could promise what they liked because they had no chance of power. It's odd now that the Lib Dems are the opposition party whose figures add up whilst the Tories make promises that don't add up. People can draw their own conclusions as to why shortly before an election everyone knows they cannot win the Tories are doing this.

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