New opinion Polls give a 10 and 11 point lead to Labour.

A comment from an anonymous source on Iain Dale's blog has made mention of tomorrow's opinion polls.

"Two polls out tomorrow. Yougov labour 11% lead, populus Labour 10% lead, don't you think you should be commenting on that Iain."

I don't know if this is true, but it kills the idea of last week's 11% lead being a rogue poll.


Anonymous said...

Recent by-elections, i.e. real votes, are better for us.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thursday's results were not as good as the Tories spun them. In the Labour/Tory marginals Labour's vote was up.

Only last week you lost control of Worcester City Council in a by-election loss to Labour. Even in Thursday's results, the gain you made ought to be weighed up against the fact that labour's vote went up in that seat too.

Anonymous said...

With the Lib Dems totally squeezed! You know why we lost Worcester Council, do you? Strange circumstances...