Tories in a hurry to release new policy details - More reading between the lines

The BBC reports that the Tories are going to release a number of new policy details tomorrow, on the eve of their conference.

Usually, one suspects, these would be released throughout the week in order to maintain a steady stream of news coverage and also to provide back up material for journalists who might want to cover stories of dissent in conference if they have nothing else to report.

Reading between the lines, it seems as if the Tories are fearful that brown might call an election before their policy details have been announced and so they are jumping the gun somewhat in order to get as much coverage as possible.

I said a few days ago that I think Gordon brown would be made to wait until later in week to announce an elections, and the actions of the Tory party indicate that they feel the same as I do, and they fear an early announcement.

It's all just guess work, but having already proof read some general election leaflets for the Lib Dems, I am starting to get my head in to election mode already. Lib Dem voice argued this morning that it is going to be difficult for Gordon Brown not to call an elections as, "having marched his troops to the top of the hill it will be difficult to march them down again without destroying his credibility as a strong leader".

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