Hypocrisy in Leyton - From the Lib Dems ?

Many Lib Dems, including myself, have been quick to attack Labour for their support of a councillor Miranda Grell accused of homophobic campaigning, who has subsequently been found guilty in court and will, in due course, be stripped of her office.

However, how can the Liberal Democrats in Waltham Forest criticise the activities of the Labour Party there, particularly their continued support for Miranda Grell, when the Liberal Democrats continue to work with labour in a joint administration on the local council ?

If Labour are out of order in continuing to support Miranda Grell then the Lib Dems need to withdraw their support from Labour, surely ?

Certainly I find it hard to disagree with Justin Hinchliffe who makes the point in a comment HERE. We should have nothing to do with homophobes. If that means the Tories running the council, then so be it. We would not work with the BNP (racists) to keep the Tories out, so we should not work with homophobes to do the same.

Update : People are suggesting there is a distinction between the Labour Party and Miranda Grell. I would agree were it not for the fact that the labour Party as an organisation ,the local MP's, Nicky Gavron (deputy Mayor of London), are all standing by her.


Anonymous said...

Simple answer: because Miranda Grell is one person, not the WF Labour party as a whole. Just like the fact that there are all number of racist bigots in the Tories doesn't make them all like that.

The difference with the BNP is that this kind of hatred is part of their creed and philosophy, if that's not too grand a term, which is why we should avoid working with them full stop.

The Green Arrow said...

Do you honestly think that the British National Party would do any deals with likes of you?

Dream on. How did you do in the last few by-elections?

Neil said...

If you look at the waltham forest guardian site (local paper) and heard what Keith Rayner said on BBC London News, throughout the court case the Waltham Forest Lib Dems took action over Miranda Grell and her 'homophobic' behaviour, rather than the behaviour of Labour Party as a whole.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Green Arrow, The trend was, before Thursday, extremely good for the Lib Dems. last week was poor, but very good for labour. If you look the week before the Lib Dems were making significant gains.

I would suggest you are armed with more facts before making claims which cannot stand up.