I've had better offers

A friend of mine phoned up earlier who was obviously blissfully unaware of the responsibilities that come with fatherhood. He asked me if I fancied going out this evening for a drink and going to a party.

Obviously with a son just a few weeks old now suffering from his first cold (what a trauma for him - get used to it), I explained I was busy. "What is the party" I asked.

"Its a load of Green's, including some Green councillors, and it's a Doctor Who themed party."

Well at that moment I was so very very grateful that I had a cast iron excuse that I could never have got out of, though quite frankly I would rather have gone to the Dentists or spend some time in the company of North Norfolk Conservatives (and really, that is something very low down on my list) that be surrounded by Green councillors at a Dr Who party.

My friend, a Conservative, will have to view it as a punishment for his Conservatism !


Anonymous said...

Dont' you like Doctor Who, or would it have been more tolerable to attend a party of Green's, had they an other theme?

Anonymous said...

To be fair, Nich, I once had coffee with a leading Green from your eastern region. She was/is a lovely woman and we agreed on so many issues.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I think the combination of the two makes it geek city. Certainly thw worst aspect is the pious greens. However, themed parties are SO boring. It's like a joke told a hundred times and very smug. I think if the best way to make a party fun is to give it a theme then the party must be a crap party in the first place.

Its a shame in this case as the person whose party it is is, as an individual, a lovely person.

Norfolk Blogger said...


Justin, get yourself a cardigan, some slippers and a pipe.