When will we get the true story about bin collections ?

A few weeks ago a report stated that having fortnightly collections does not increase recycling rates. Personally, I disagree as I have to recycle much more now to avoid an overflowing bin after 10 days, but I guess that is just anecdotal.

Now, another group are claiming that having smaller bins increases recycling.

Hang on. Doesn't this contradict the advice we were given two weeks ago ? I understand the principle. Rationing space in a normal waste bin encourages people to recycle more so they can use the wasted empty space in their recycling bin.

Now if we are to go over to smaller bins, collected on a weekly basis, I fail to understand how this is really any different to collecting larger bins on a fortnightly basis, except that it will add about £1 million to the costs of each local authority's waste budget each year.

Is it any wonder that people are confused about recycling when conflicting advice comes out every other week.


wit and wisdom said...

The issue of waste collections is ghastly and it has been usd utterly cynically by the Tories across the country.

My local authority has a policy of not issuing bins, instead getting people to put bags of rubbish out each week for collection. This is intended to make people aware of how much rubbish they produce. People tend to fill bins, after all, regardless of the size.

This council has pioneered recycling for years through this method and the result is that the amount of waste produced here is actually falling.

That's the crux: people need to change their behaviour. It's not a question of weekly or fortnightly collections, bigger or smaller bins. Its a matter of people throwing less rubbish away.

With The Daily Mail whipping people up into a frenzy and the Tories leaping onto the bandwagon, sadly this problem will continue to rumble on.

Ryan said...

Your missing the big difference. The same amount is collected but done over two weeks. This way people can't moan about bins being left for a fortnight, smells, rats and all the other stuff.

We've had the "small" bins in my part of Lincoln for nearly a year now and they seem to work well.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I am not sure I am missing the point.

I produce one 240 litre bin of general waste every fortnight. If I had a smaller bin I would produce 2x 140 litres a fortnight, therefore creating 280 litres of waste. The fornightly colelction does force me to recycle more, and with a new born baby produced firty nappies by the dozen beleive me my recycling rate has jumped to the very maximum and my 240 litre bin is almost full after two weeks. A weekly collection would suit me, but it would reduce my reclcyling.

If the plan is, however, to give people a 240 litre bin for a fortnight then this is going to be counter productive in causing

a) Fly tipping

b) More car journeys to waste sites (and more co2 output as a result).

wit and wisdom said...

Washable nappies - that's the answer! We have two children, both of whom have grown up in washables, with disposables used on trips.

My two year old daughter seems perfectly happy and the washing machine does the dirty work!

Result - huge reductions in waste produced and no sign of the problems the nappy makers claim.