My top 50 Lib Dem blogs

Last year I offered some criticisism to Iain Dale for his "best of" lists, so when Iain asked me to help with the judging this year, I felt obliged to agree. I have sent a top 100 to Iain, but thought I'd publish the top 50 here for people to see.

Like Stephen Tall, it took more than one day to do, and depending on my mood, my tiredness or how much my son was demanding his food or a nappy change could also affect my generosity, so I have to apologise to anyone who feels they didn't get as high as they might have hoped.

Iain sent a suggested judging scorecard, which included things that were very subjective like design and interaction with readers, but at all times I felt it necessary to judge the blogs as "Liberal Democrat" blogs, not just any old blog, so in that way some of my favoured blogs did not actually do as well udner Iain's scoring sysyem as I might have thought (for instance Ed Maxfield and Simon Jeram). I have also submitted to Iain, as everyone else is entitles to do, a top 20, which includes non Lib Dem blogs and I will post them up on this blog later in the week.

Interestingly my own personal top 20 was obviously very subjective and includes Lib Dem blogs in a different order from where they appear here, but I guess that is because I was judging them for different things.

So again, I apologise of I upset anyone with my judging, but overall I enjoyed the experience and have found lots of very good Lib Dem blogs to look at.

1) Liberal Burblings http://paulwalter.blogspot.com/
2) Stephen Tall http://oxfordliberal.blogspot.com/
3)Liberal England http://liberalengland.blogspot.com/
4) Quaequam Blog http://www.theliberati.net/quaequamblog/
5) LibDem Voice http://www.liddemvoice.org/
6) Peter Black http://peterblack.blogspot.com/
7) Hot, Ginger & Dynamite http://gingeranddynamite.blogspot.com/
8) Rob Fenwick http://www.northumbrian.org.uk/
9) Jonathan Wallace http://jonathanwallace.blogspot.com/
10) Sandals are Off http://www.sguy.net/
=) No Geek Is An Island http://www.willhowells.org.uk/blog/
12) Jonny Wright http://hugahoodie.blogspot.com/
13) Liberal Review http://www.liberalreview.com/
=) Richard Allan http://www.richardallan.org.uk/
15)Cicero's Songs http://cicerossongs.blogspot.com/
16) Simon Jeram http://blog.biscit.me.uk/
=)Moonlight over Essex http://essexmoonlight.blogspot.com/
18) Steve Webb MP http://webbsteve.blogspot.com/
=) Mark Young http://markjohnyoung.spaces.live.com/
20) Whiskey Priest http://oberon2001.blogspot.com/
21) Andy Mayer http://andymayer.blogspot.com/
22) Liberal Bureaucracy http://liberalbureaucracy.blogspot.com/
=) Lynne Featherstone http://www.lynnefeatherstone.org/blog.htm25
=) Mary Reid http://www.maryreid.org.uk/
25) Millennium Dome Elephant http://millenniumelephant.blogspot.com/
26) Rick's St Mary's Diary http://richardbaum.blogspot.com/
=) Chris & Glynis Abbott http://www.chrisandglynisabbott.blogspot.com/
28) Progressive Politics http://leftleaningpolitics.blogspot.com/
29) Ed Maxfield http://owersby.wordpress.com/
30) Mike Young http://markjohnyoung.spaces.live.com/
=) Pink Dog http://pinkdogster.blogspot.com/
32) Duncan Borrowman http://duncanborrowman.blogspot.com/
=) Adrian Sanders MP http://blog.myspace.com/adriansandersmp
=) Andrew Hinton http://mindrobber.blogspot.com/
=) Liberal (Not so) Alone http://www.eridu.org.uk/blog/
=) Neil Woolcott http://www.neilwoollcott.blogspot.com/
37) On Liberty Onlinehttp://onlibertyonline.blogspot.com/
38) Agent Mancuso http://agentmancuso.wordpress.com/
=) Niles's Blog http://www.alexfoster.me.uk/
=)Oliver's Battery & Badger Farm http://obbfcouncillor.blogspot.com/
=)Paula Keaveney http://www.paulakeaveney.blogspot.com/
=)The 3 P's http://radders73.blogspot.com/
43) Ballots, Balls & Bikes http://ballotsballsandbikes.blogspot.com/
=) Fraser Macpherson http://frasermacpherson.blogspot.com/
=) Ian Eiloart http://www.eiloart.com/blog/
46) Jock Coats http://jockcoats.blogspot.com/
=) David Walker http://cllrdavidwalker.org/wordp/
=)Anders Hanson http://andershanson.wordpress.com/
=) Liberal Action http://liberalaction.typepad.com/liberal_action/
50) Sajjad Karim MEP http://sajjadkarimmep.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Where's the other half?

Paul Walter said...

(#) Thank you

Norfolk Blogger said...

If people are desperate, I am append it to this message tomorrow, butI just thought I'd post the top 50.

Who's asking btw ?

Duncan Borrowman said...

Beaten by that ******* dog!

That's it. It will be cat food!

Norfolk Blogger said...

I think my marking tended to be weighted more towards those blogs that have a regular output, so perhaps that is why the dog beat you ?

Mary Reid said...

Well, thank you kindly Nich. Up there with the esteemed Lynne Featherstone this time!

But are there really only three good enough female Lib Dem bloggers?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes. Can you find me ten Lib Dem female bloggers ? I don't theink there are more than about 5 that I can think of.

Then again, I don't distinguish by gender, just on their merits.

I do like your blog though.