What about 18 to 25 year olds ?

The government are apparently planning to raise the age at which people can drive in this country from 17 to 18 years.

Since the demographic that has the most accidents is everyone under the age of 25, I don't really understand how this is going to tackle the problem of road deaths unless the government has a plan to stop everyone under the age of 25 from driving eventually ?

The real answer is to have more retesting of people who are caught committing driving offences and real sanctions under law that take proper note of the fact that a car is a dangerous weapon, in the wrong hands.

If you watch the silly Police, Camera, Action programmes or traffic cops tackling dangerous drivers it is astonishing how many people involved in life threatening manoeuvres or who refuse to stop for the police are given silly sentences like fines or simple driving bans. When the law takes driving seriously, then dangerous drivers might too.

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