This is the sort of criticism David Cameron would pay to receive

A former Tory MP in Wales has had a rant about David Cameron and is damanding his sacking. However, when you read the reasons why Delwyn Williams, former MP for Montgomery, wants him sacked, it is the sort of criticism that David Cameron would be please to receive.

Now I don't know much about Delwyn Williams, but on part of his statement told me everything I need to know about him ;

"What’s more, he fumed, Dave sacked any candidate who “dared to criticise homosexuality” – something, which Mr Williams insisted was ridiculous “in a country where it is still anathema” to both religious and non-religious people.

And, worst of all, Dave sacked shadow minister Patrick Mercer, for “speaking his mind on the delicate subject of lazy black soldiers”.
Personally when I read someone saying something like that, I presume them to be a bigot and something of a nasty piece of work, so if bigots are criticising Mr Cameron, then he must be doing something right.

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Anonymous said...

David Cameron, never sacked Patrick Mercer for "speaking his mind" his resignation was rightly demanded after Mercer said it was part of Army life for black soldiers to be called black bastards.

This all came about after Patrick Mercer gave an interview to Times Online about a new anti-racism trade union set up for soldiers. Asked about the anti-racism trade union, Mr Mercer replied "Absolute nonsense. Complete and utter rot." But then he went farther and said that suffering racial abuse — as well as abuse about facial features, hair colour and weight was common in the Army, and to be expected.

Mr Cameron put out an immediate statement regretting Mr Mercer's indifferent remarks, adding: "We should not tolerate racism in the army or in any walk of life. Patrick Mercer is no longer a shadow minister."

The defence minister, Derek Twigg, said Mr Mercer's comments were "unbelievable".
"We put a great deal of priority into recruiting ethnic minorities to the armed forces and they play a very valuable role. These comments are not helpful" Mr Twigg told Sky News.

Clearly, Patrick Mercer was rightly returned to the backbenches for his cold indifference the very same cold indifference shown towards the parents of the 16 children slaughtered in the Dunblane Primary School massacre. Patrick Mercer; also called the ban on handguns after the Dunblane massacre "nonsense".

This was never about Mercer’s freedom of speech; it was however, about his insensitivity and lack of respect towards those that are suffering (Army) and those that have suffered great loss and although his words may seem benevolent they come I believe from a wolf in sheep's clothing.