Time to suspend e-voting says report

A welcome report on to the e-voting initiatives taken last May has concluded that e-voting schemes should be suspended until systems have been checked more thoroughly and security has been increased.

Given the debacle in Breckland this year where it took several days for the count to be concluded, and in one case a seat was counted manually and by e-machine, giving a significantly different result when using the machine's count rather than the verifiable human count, a question mark still hangs over the results in Breckland with many residents I know still believing most of their councillors to lack a mandate.

E- voting was intended to raise turnout. This has failed. It was intended to engage people in elections yet where it has been used the credibility of the results and the elected councillors has been questioned. In short, e-voting should be scrapped and we should stick with the tried and tested pencil and paper. It works, it is verifiable and it is trusted.

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