First and second loser placings for me in 2007 Witanagemot Club blogging awards

I found out this morning that this blog came second in the 2007 Witanagemot Club blogging awards in the category "best Lib Dem Party Blog", and third in the category of "best centre-ground blog". In the second category, rather bizarrely the winner was Iain Dale ??

When coming second or third in anything I am reminded of a comedy routine I once saw (apologies to whoever it was), which pointed out that coming second means you are just the first loser, and third place makes you second loser.

I wonder what the prize is ? Er, what, no prize ? Damn !


jailhouselawyer said...

Centre ground Iain Dale? Were the judges stoned?

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the old joke about the why SDPmen were such good lovers - they are good at coming second!

Paul Walter said...

Nich, Well done for this! It takes a lot of ingenuity and energy to keep up such an appealing blog as yours!

It must, however, have been a great personal disappointment for you not to feature in the top three "Blogger you would most like to shag" category!

Normal Mouth said...

Well deserved. I like your blog.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks for the comments. Paul, I am not sure my wife would disagree. I describe my blogging as a harmless past time, if I'd got on the most fanciable list she would have thought it very odd indeed.