Neil Clark - Is this the most odious man in Britain ?

Neil Clark, a journalist (apparently) who has written for Pravda and the Morning Star has written what is probably the most odious and unpleasant article I have read on a blog in many many months.

I think he thinks he is some sort of "shock journalist", but his article shows him up to be a biased uneducated fool on this subject, and in doing so undermines his credibility as a journalist.

I've never met Neil Clark, and given his views, I hope I never will. What a deeply unpleasant man indeed.

Update - I note that despite The Guardian posting the statement "Our policy is to close threads after three days. Comments have now been closed on this entry." They closed the comments section down on this after less than one day. It seems even The Guardian is embarrassed.


IanP said...

As odious and disgusting his views, like every cloud there always has to be a silver lining.

This one is that The Guardian, and by proxy the Government can now be in no doubt as to where public opinion lies on this issue.

Graf von Straf Hindenburg said...

I think I have never seen, in the Brit blogosphere, such universal condemnation of someone across the political spectrum - even left-wingers.

Dan Hardie said...

Thanks for your support, but the best way to hurt this disgusting man Clark- and it will hurt him- is to write to your MP and request a change in policy. Links are below.

As a blogger, it would be great if you'd put a post up asking your readers to do that, and then put a second post up (yes, I know I'm asking a helluva lot) giving the MPs' replies. So far every single letter written has led to MPs contacting the relevant Ministries: Defence, Foreign Office and above all the Home Office. This could work.

Talking points for a letter to MPs can be found on my site:
Help with researching your MP is here: http://www.theyworkforyou.com/
Tim Ireland has a campaign video here:
Justin McKeating is keeping track of MPs responses here: