It's my favourite day of the year

Is there any better day of the year than the start of the football season (if you send me a comment telling me that "yes, then end of the football season I will delete it).

It's the whole feeling that anything could happen. One team, usually an underdog, will have a fantastic start to the season. A team in the Championship that everyone has overlooked will probably be challenging early on, a much fancied team will almost certainly have relegation fears (see Leeds last year), but put simply, anything can happen.

Yes, we know the Premiership will be won by Manchester United or Chelsea, but that does not make the Premiership any less exciting. There are Champions League places to go for, there are UEFA cup places, there are the cups, basically, I am brimming over with excitement.

For my own teams, Everton and Norwich, what is in store ?

For Everton, I can see us coming 6th again. Sensible British signings by David Moyes, signing two Everton fans, both future England Defenders, is a smart move and will make Everton harder to beat. I can see us doing well.

As for Norwich, don't rule them out by any means. Peter Grant has bought sensibly and well. I can see the playoffs as a real possibility.

Oooh, I can't wait !


Miss Welby said...

thanks Nich, you are now #2 worldwide in my new blogroll chart!

jailhouselawyer said...

Oh dear censorship rules. I would have posted that which must not be said.

Graf von Straf Hindenburg said...

Sadly, my team is no more and therefore the start of the season doesn't do the same thing to me.