Galloway to stand in Poplar and Limehouse

Publicity seeking part time MP George Galloway is to stand in Poplar and Limehouse, the seat adjoining his own present seat at the next general election, so he has announced.

Note - For any residents of Poplar and Limehouse even considering voting for George Galloway, not his voting record in Parliament. Since 5 May 2005 he has attended just 68 votes out of 545 in Parliament. That equates to just 12.5%. If he represented Shetland and Orkney he might have an excuse, but since he represents a London seat, people ought to ask why he has the time to do a Radio show for Talk Sport, but cannot attend parliament to vote !

More information on Galloway's shocking attendance in Parliament can be found HERE.


David Anthony said...

er... so why give him the publicity?

Norfolk Blogger said...

A good point, so now I have highlighted his voting record.