Be careful what you put your name to on Facebook

Dizzy points out this morning the rather amusing tale of at least two Tory MP's who have signed up on Facebook to support a fictional character to be next Conservative MP for a place that does not exist.

It could be that they are in on the joke or it could simply be that in Facebook people are constantly sending out requests to join this, that or the other and these Tory MP's have not had the sense to check out what they are signing up to.

A warning for all us Facebook users there.


Jeremy Hargreaves said...

I think the link in this story might be the one for the schools PFI story?

Miss Welby said...

ciao Nich, nice blog! i was a lib-dem member while in England and now back in Italy I have a blog too! visit me and let's swap links if you want to :)

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks Jeremy. Now fixed.

Iain Dale said...

or it could be that they have a sense of humour!