Just how incompetent do you have to be to become a Premiership ref ?

A few months ago I reported on the awful refereeing I had witnessed from a Mr Lee Probert, then a referee in the Championship, Jusdging from comments from other and from other related internet sites, I was not alone in believing Lee Probert to be utterly useless.

I also, at the time, made the rash and sarcastic comment that "he would soon become a premiership ref", based on his incompetence. Alas, I have been proved right.

Watching Match of the Day last night, the Bolton golakeeper cropped the ball, the Fulham player David Haely got a boot to it, knocked it past him and was then pulled to the ground by the Bolton goalkeeper. Under the rules of the game, the referee's decision should have been a Red card for the Bolton keeper and a Fulham penalty. So what did the useless Mr Probert do ? He awarded Bolton a free kick, yes, that's right, he awarded a free kick to the team that had committed the foul.

If you read the linked article further up the screen you will see theat Mr Probert has a habit of rewarding teams that have committed red card offences with free kicks. If I made mistakes as big as that in my job I'd soon be out of a job yet in the world of football you get promoted.

Absolutely crazy.

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