Surprise additions to the US list of terror organisations to be banned

Following today's news that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are to be listed by the US as a terrorist organisation, a piece of paper retrieved from a bin (trash can) at the back of the White House has been found listing other groups that George W Bush wants to have banned too.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if all Lib Dems think that a group that can only be compared with Hitler's Storm Truppers are as harmless as the Simpsons or the Friends. I find this frightening and deeply disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Get a life. It's a joke. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

I find it "frightening and deeply disturbing" that you feel that by reading one jokey posting you feel a whole political party can be judged by it !

Norfolk Blogger said...

Very odd indeed anonymous number 1.

Its called irony or humour. Look it up in a dictonary.