Why was the Catholic Church whitewashing Gerry Adams wikipedia entry ?

The BBC and other news sources are running the story that the new Wikipedia tool "Scanner" has highlighted that organisations like the US Democrats and the CIA have been altering peoples' information.

However, the most odd entry on the list of altered files appears to have been done from the Vatican, which altered a file on Gerry Adams, leader of Sinn Fein, to remove any trace of his possible involvement in terrorist activities.

We know the Catholic church has proved adept at whitewashing the details of priest involved in child abuse over the years, but attempting to make out that Gerry Adams is some kind of saint really is ridiculous and shows a real contempt for the truth from the Vatican.

In Northern Ireland people are trying to move forward, but they can only do this by accepting what has gone on in the past and not ignoring it. History teaches us all to learn lessons and change. Making up a false history and ignoring the failings of the past is morally bankrupt.


dynamite said...

A very good question...

jailhouselawyer said...

What was that you was saying about Sudbury?

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Norfolk Blogger said...

JHL - Yes, it is a funny old world isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Friends of mine, Catholic but not regular church goers were told by their priest that they had been a bad axample to their kids (by not going to church) and that he was refusing to baptise their new child. When they went to the grandparents parish, they agreed to baptise only if their own priest agreed. When asked, the new priest told the other parish they were "bad parents" and blocked the baptism/christening.

Thank goodness I am not religious.

Norfolk Blogger said...

The next thing they'll say is that he performed a miracle and that he'll be Saint Gerry.

formerly in Rome said...

look, I'm a run of the mill college girl from Kansas, USA and I have used a computer that shows up as coming from the Vatican. Anyone who uses a computer at one of the pontifical universities in Rome could have made the change, if the program is accurate anyway...