ITV plunge to new depths in desperation for advertising revenue

ITV has had to admit that the pre publicity they have released claiming that the documentary " Malcolm and Barbara : Love's Farewell " is completely made up and false. But what is particularly sick is that ITV press releases they have been telling the press that

"In moving scenes, Malcolm is surrounded by his family and Barbara strokes his head as he passes away"

The truth revealed today is that Malcom died three days after the faked death scene that ITV was talking about.

The amount of press and free publicity ITV has received as a result of saying they showed the moment of death has been astonishing. National newspapers have had two page spreads about the programme, many saying really positive things about it whilst a Radio Five phone in last week even played part of the clip which ITV tried to pass off as the death scene, and the BBC issued a warning to listeners in case they might be offended.

Will heads roll at ITV for this sickest of publicity campaigns ? I doubt it. It is a shame that ITV feel it necessary to lie about someone dying as all the early reviews say that that " Malcolm and Barbara : Love's Farewell " is a touching and moving documentary.

Of course we all know why ITV "sexed up" the press releases and lied. it is about viewers and advertisers. I wonder how much extra advertising they have received for that show over the last few days ?

Would ITV care to give this extra revenue to a charity ?

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