What a lovely society we have after ten years of Labour rule.

Just a very quick pick through some of the horrific stories from the UK that are filling the papers tells us much about Labour's ten years of being "Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime".

In Wigan there was the story yesterday of an ambulance being attacked by local youths and prevented from taking a man who had had a heart attack to hospital.

In County Durham it has been reported today that a man who died of a heart attack had his wallet stolen as he was being attended to by police and the policeman's life saving belt was also taken.

And finally we see about the court case where a man who was out playing cricket with his son was stoned by a group of youths leading to his death.

After ten years Labour are no more on top of youth crime than were the Tories, indeed you could argue a strong case that it has got worse.

If Gordon Brown wants to do something other that strutting the world stage he could do no better than to deal with some of the hideous crimes committed in the country.

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