Did that really happen ?

Watching Simon Cowell's "X Factor" tonight on ITV, I was slightly bemused and confused by a soldier appearing on the show.

As he sang, his father said "If he doesn't get through, he's off to Afghanistan"

Did I hear that right ? A soldier can get time off from fighting (I thought that is what the army did) to take part in a singing competition ?

As it is, he did get through to X Factor "boot camp", which means he is not off to Afghanistan. Don't get me wrong, I have great admiration for the British Army and this soldier had a nice voice, but I just can't help but wonder if he might be of more use to the country in Afghanistan than singing for Simon Cowell and Sharon Osborne.

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Anonymous said...

I guess he got the sympathy vote from the panel - his singing was rather strained. And, the army PR machine were able to stage a gang of squaddies jumping for joy at one of there number finding their "ticket for blighty".