Labour in trouble over "front" organisation donating £300k

It appears that Labour are suffering the same problems as the Tories when it comes to receiving funds from "front organisations.

Last year the Tories were in the doc of the Midlands Industrial Council, a front for a number of Tory donors, handing the Tories large sums of money. Now Labour are being asked about an organisation called Muslim Friends of Labour.

This slightly shadowy organisation seems to be funnelling money to Labour in a way that gets round the spirit of the law concerning party funding and is certainly at odds with Gordon Brown's pledge to have a more honest and clean kind of politics.

"Newer Labour" ... Just like "New Labour" really.


Hywel said...

The Muslim Friends of Labour may have it's own responsibilities under PPERA Sch 7 1(6) if it consists wholly or mainly of party members.

This includes recording and reporting donations to the Electoral Commission - but I can't see any such information on the Electoral Commission website (other than to do with donations/spending at the 2005 election)

Hywel said...

Apologies - two donations do show up (which suggests the EC search engine isn't too great)

Both relate to donations in early 2005 (pre General Election)