Out of his depth ? Grant Shapps

Without the spotlight of the press and the blogging community, Grant Shapps MP seems to have gained a reputation as some sort of rising start and whizkid of the campaigning part of the Tory Party.

The problem for Grant is that under the glare of the heat from the spotlight of the press and other political parties, his gloss has peeled away like some cheap veneer, leaving a rather sorry mess behind. Let's look at the evidence.

1) He made allegations which he has completely failed to substantiate about poster boards.

2) His campaign claimed defections to his party that had not happened.

3) He has gained a defector that may cost him votes.

4) It is alleged he has been caught posting things on the Internet that he shouldn't.

5) His candidate actually attended a fundraiser for Labour less than a month ago.

6) He has threatened to sue the Lib Dems for something that his own party are doing in Sedgefield as we speak !

Sorry, but if he's a rising star, then the Conservatives really have got problems.


Greenfield said...

These stories really do restore my faith about the Tories & some of the reasons why I'm a Liberal.
The Tories just cant help it - sad but true.

Anonymous said...

" Iain Dale - Why becoming your own party's mouthpiece devalues you "

That's a bit rich coming from you, Nich.

This blog more and more resembles LDV by the day - is your password 1234 and is it being hacked into by Dr. Pack?


Norfolk Blogger said...

As I've made clear Justin, I have never printed or publish things that I ahve been asked to.

By the way Justin, why was it that last week you printed an allegation against a Lib Dem Councillor in Manchester, yet when you were told it was a lie, and evidence was priovided, why did you fail to remove the allegation ?