Iain Dale - Why becoming your own party's mouthpiece devalues you

I was once approached to run a story by more senior Lib Dems than me. I actually supported strongly what these Lib Dems wanted me to promote, but I didn't run the story. So I can quite honestly say I will not use this blog as an alternative means to promote party press releases.

So for me the question is why has Iain Dale allowed his blog to be the means by which the Conservative Party releases all its lies and twaddle during the by-elections in Sedgefield and Ealing Southall.

I made the point in an earlier story about the incredible number of mis-haps and mistakes in the Tory campaign in Ealing, but virtually all these have been defended and explained by Iain over and over again.

Iain does write a damned good blog, there are so many elements that he cannot be faulted on, and I loosely try to base the style of this blog on his. However, one thing I will not ape is his willingness to be used by his party for propaganda.

Come on Iain, it devalues your blog and it makes you look silly, Stop defending the indefensible, stop peddling Grant Shapps lies and get back to what you do best, which is analysis and political gossip from a firmly right of centre viewpoint.


LG Test Blog said...

I've been wondering if this is a sign of things to come, does this by election give a clear idea of how these Tory bloggers will behave in a general election?

Ming the Merciless said...

Why does Dale hate the Lib Dems so much?

Is it just that he made a complete mess of North Norfolk in 2005?