A taste of what could happen if we had a Sarah's Law or Megan's Law in the UK

A Norfolk shop keeper is having to deal with regular vandalism and damage being done to his shop because of the fact that a previous owner of the shop had been found guilty of abusing young boys.

Much like the case a few years ago where a paediatrician's car was vandalised in Wales and the word "paedo" written on it, the government are correct in wanting to prevent any form of what the News of the World call "Sarah's Law", which as "Megan's Law" in the US means that paedophiles details are made available to all and sundry.

The problem is in states in the US where this law exists, child abusers go in to hiding, avoid treatment programmes and disappear in the the underground, making them more difficult to monitor. In the US too, there have been many cases of innocent people being attacked as records have failed to be updated of false details are given leading to individuals and properties being the subject of some extremely violent attacks.

As a teacher and now a father, of course I want children to be safe from child abusers, but I know that 90% of attacks on children are carried out by people they already know, not strangers in parks. Any attempt to introduce laws that will allow more vigilante style attacks cannot be good.

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