Tory hypocrisy over copyright infringements

Iain Dale today published a story about the Tories threatening to sue over copyright infringment in Ealing.
Perhaps the Tories could explain why for years they have photocopied Lib Dem campaigning booklets and issued them at Conservative Councillors conferences ?

I spoke to a Tory Councillor in Peterborough who was handed them regularly at conferences he attended.

Hypcorisy from the Tories ? Surely not.

Update - Double Hypocrisy. The very thing the Tories are moaning about the Lib Dems doing in Ealing has been done by the Tories in Sedgefield by-election. Utter hypocrisy from the Tories.


Justin Hinchcliffe said...

What do you think of Lib Dems when they get they're press releases used in the media and then recycle them back as 'what the papers say...' ?

What do you think of Lib Dems who think they’re above copyright laws?

What do you think of Lib Dems, who are in third or fourth place, claiming it's a 'two-horse race' between them and party x?

What do you think of Lib Dems campaigning to 'save' this service or that when the service is safe?

What do you think of Lib Dems using telling one half or a road that they favour X and the other side they oppose X?

What do you think of Lib Dems who cleverly break the law when it comes to election expenses, e.g. over-spending?

What do you think of Lib Dems who accept illegal donations from crooks?

Shall I go on?

We’re not going to take lessons from the frauds, hypocrites, machiavellian, two-faced, lying, smearing, smug, charlatans, scoundrels that make up the bulk of the British Dim Lebs!!!

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, one simple poitn debunks all your comments. Were it coming from someone who has shown themselves to be clear of smears and themselves, your point might be valid, but why was it that last week you printed an allegation against a Lib Dem Councillor in Manchester, yet when you were told it was a lie, and evidence was provided, why did you fail to remove the allegation ?

Justin Hinchcliffe (signed out) said...

Because, when going to print, it was true. I am sceptical given it took days for the said councillor to respond to 'his' postings. Did he ever say those words? Did he change his mind? Was pressure put on him? Stephen Tall said that the councillor's response came in the form of a PDF, which he "edited". What did he edit? Am still awaiting news.

And, lastly, the cllr's posts look authentic!

Now, how about addressing the questions? X

Norfolk Blogger said...

In part Justin you have answered your own questions.

If someone had made comments on my behalf, without my knowledge and without me knowing anything about it, how am I going to instantly respond to the comments ? After all, how would I know ? You seem to see the delay as a reason to presum guilt, whereas to me it is obvious that this is the reason for the delay.