Lloyds TSB - The fraudsters friends

It appears from correspondence I have received from Lloyds TSB that my bank account has been accessed and an attempt has been made to remove money from my account via the Internet banking system

Upon checking my bank account 20 minutes ago, it appears also that a large amount of money has gone missing from my current account.

So what do I do ? Of course, I get straight on to Lloyds TSB to report and unbelievably Lloyds TSB's Fraud department has a 30 minute phone queue !

I wonder how much money can be removed from my account in the next 30 minutes whilst I am on hold ?

Advice from Lloyds TSB is to report anything suspicious straight away, but what can you do if they do not have enough people to answer phones ?

Time for me to consider changing Banks I think.

Update: 16:45 - Still on hold.

Update: 16:58 - Answered my call, were not prepared to discuss it on the phone and said I had to visit a branch. I had to ask them to cancel my card (which they wouldn't have done if I hadn't asked). There is a phrase for the service I have got from Lloyds TSB, and it rhymes with "Butter Hit".


Anonymous said...

You have my sympathies. I have always tried to avoid "t'internet" banking.

JRD168 said...

You're relatively lucky with half an hour's wait. I had the "pleasure" of nearly an hour's wait in the early hours recently after a few drinks when Mrs D's bag was nicked. And they were rude when I got through grrr...