Wanted, loud mouth infamous self publicising politician to beat same - Enter Boris Johnson

Is it a master stroke by the Conservative Party to try and get Boris Johnson to stand against Ken Livingstone or a sign of their desperation.

Whilst Boris Johnson might be well known, it is not always for positive reasons. His slagging off and subsequent apologies to the people of Liverpool and Portsmouth hardly shows him to be diplomatic or to be the ideal host when it comes to the 2012 Olympics and whilst some will say he is popular in his own constituency, arguably a large log with a blue rosette on it would have been elected as the Conservative for Henley, had it been selected.

Whilst Ken is prone to putting his foot in it, it tends to be in a premeditated way. He knows what he is saying and the effect he wants to have whilst Boris, with his oafish Billy Bunter style blustering gives the impression of not being in control of his own trousers, let alone his mouth.

Yes, he may make a contest of it, it ought to say much about Tory prospects in the capital that he is even being considered.


Anonymous said...

I wonder who Lib Dems will choose as candidate. Paddy Ashdown would make a great Mayor, if he has interest to still stand as a candidate.

Anonymous said...

Boris is a buffoon.

I think it was Andy Hamilton who said on the News Quiz on Radio 4 that for all his buffoonery, "you know that if he ever got in to power he'd have shot at the drop of a hat"