Why do some Islamic Fundamentalists care so little about the values their religion upholds ?

In the wake of the 7th July bombings in the UK, we were told that one suspect escaped the country in a burqa. Seemingly the bomber cared little for the important role the burqa plays in Islamic life for some Muslims.

Now we read the the leader of a pro Taliban sect in Pakistan has attempted to used the burqa to escape Pakistani authorities.

Any Muslim who has one shred of support for terrorists within them needs to witness the way they desecrate Muslim values they claim to uphold. The hypocrisy of Muslim terrorists needs exposing at every opportunity and the moderate Muslims who form the massive majority of Muslims in the world who reject terrorism need to be part of this process of exposing the hypocrites amongst them.


Anonymous said...

It is one of the contradictions of terrorists the world over that they care more about causing terror than their actual beliefs.

Meral Ece said...

They are no more 'Muslim' than the IRA terrorists were Catholics. I wish people would stop using this term. It simply perpetrates the belief that people who are deranged criminals and muderers hold manistream religious beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Meral, of course, won't hear any criticisms of the Muslim faith and the failure for enough Muslims to condemn Islamic terrorism/Jihad. She, in many ways, is part of the problem.

Laurence Boyce said...

The hypocrisy of Muslim terrorists needs exposing at every opportunity.

To my mind, this is akin to chopping off the twigs from a tree. It’s time to take an axe to the base of the truck, by exposing the hypocrisy of the entire dismal project of religion.

Meral Ece said...

Justin, let me be more explicit so that you can grasp what I am saying:
I hold no truck with ANY fundamentalists, be the Christian, Jewish or Muslim. How can you claim to believe in a mainstream religion and advocate hate and murder?
I think people like you are 'part of the problem' -shallow and ready to stereotype millions of peace loving innocent people, on the actions of a few deranged criminals.