What is the point of a "Baby On Board" sign ?

We were wandering around a shop full of baby things this morning buying yet more stuff ready for the eventual arrival of our son some time in August when we noticed that the shop was selling two different version of the "Baby on Board" sign.

What is the point of these signs ?

I know that some people argue that the signs are put up to explain why people are driving slowly. My response is that if they had bought a decent child seat they wouldn't have to drive at a snails pace. Less money spent on signs and more on the seat would be my argument.

Has anyone ever modified their own driving because they have seen a baby on board sign ?

How many times have you driven along the road fully intending to crash your car in to another car, then at the last moment changed your mind because they have a baby on board sign in their window ?

Personally I think it is simply a case of parents bragging. Just like some annoying parents get out photos at every opportunity to show you how little Josh is growing up so quickly or how Emily looks so smart in her school uniform, these signs simply serve to tell people "Look, we have children and we care for them so much we are going to tell you to be extra careful around us".

Iain Dale wrote earlier in the week that I was turning middle aged for buying a Skoda. I don't mind being middle aged. But if I put a "baby on board" sign in my car, then I have become anally retentive as well, and that I can't cope with.


Paul Walter said...

Congratulations to your and your other half on your impeding arrival! There is no point in the signs - I think you have alighted on the reason for them. I have recently seen a version which says "Little princess on board". I am thinking of having one made up saying "Old Fart (with several diseases which I brought on myself) on board" - should people drive any less or more carefully whoever is on board? - all human life is sacred.

Iain Dale said...

Jasper Carrott did a great comedy routine on these signs once. I am totally with you on this. Good on you for not succumbing!

Anonymous said...

What is the point of those yellow triangular posters with the words "winning here"? LOL.

Norfolk Blogger said...

To tell people of the inevitability of something.

Certainly in my campaigns I have never lost.

I have been agent 14 times in local elections and have won 14 seats.

Jo Christie-Smith said...

I'm with Paul on this one....every life is as valuable as the next one! They really annoy me!!!!

Korenwolf said...

The original logic for them has nothing to do with preventing accidents but helping the emergency services clean up afterwards. There have been cases (in .au I think) where the fact that there was a baby involved in the crash wasn't found out until the parents regained conciousness. The Baby on board sign gives the hint as to extra searching / checking which might be required (said baby being thrown clear of the crash site for example).

Anonymous said...

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