Exclusive - Iain Dale to take on Norman Lamb again

After Iain Dale's first encounter with Norman Lamb, two local council by-election defeats in North Norfolk for the Tories followed by a 10,606 vote mauling at the General Election in the North Norfolk constituency, some might expect Iain to have learnt his lesson. But no, Iain is set to take on Norman lamb, Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk again.

It is, not as first seems though as Iain will this time take Norman Lamb on in the confines of the 18 Doughty Street studio this Tuesday 12th June at 10pm.

It is an interesting situation with an MP being interviewed by the person who wanted his job. But it makes it all the more interesting when in this case, Iain knows Norman well, but Iain also suffered one of the Tories worst results in terms of electoral swings at the 2001 election.

I'm sure it will certainly be worth watching just to see how they get on and how aggressive Iain chooses to be in his line of questioning.


Anonymous said...

NB, I am told ID suffered from lots of homophobia in NN (from Lib Dems). Any truth in this?

Norfolk Blogger said...

As someone who was involved in all aspects of planning the campaign to retain North Norfolk I can say absolutely not. There were a couple of Lib Dem councillors who made inappropriate comments, one at a Lib Dem meeting, and in both cases they were rebuked for what they said.

It would have been ludicrous for the Lib Dem so tbe homophobic for two reasons.

Firstly, the Tories themselves were being openly homophobic themselves. A number of Tory councillor and activists were constantly making comments about Iain.

Secondly, some of our key activists in North Norfolk are gay. Why would they want to be homophobic.

We made a point of not even talking about Iain in any of our literature. In fact, I don't remember his name being mentioned.

It is also important to note that it was Iain who told lies about Norman Lamb in literature and after the involvement of solicitors, Iain had to issue an apology.

I know the Tories would love to beleive that Norman Lamb's succcess was a blip caused by homophobic voters, but it wasn't.

Iain Dale said...

See the interview here