Labour MP follows Lib Dem PPC in signing petition denouncing shortage of housing

Shelter have installed a "Wall of shame" in Norwich. The have asked members of the public to sign their wall of shame in order to support their criticism of the government's policy on housing.

The charity is calling on the Government to fund and extra 20,000 social homes on top of existing plans to sort out this crisis. They have built a wall outside the Forum in Norwich, and are asking people to add their name to a brick to help get the Government’s attention.

Interestingly, following Lib Dem candidate for Norwich South, Simon Wright, signing a brick on the wall (pictured), Ian Gibson, Labour MP for Norwich North also later added his name to the protest.

Firstly, well done to Ian Gibson, not unknown for criticising his own government. I know Norwich people appreciate his virtues a an MP who stands up for Norwich, even if he does prop up a Labour regime no one likes. But well done to Simon Wright who appears to have led on this.

I guess there is no danger of government lackey and MP Charles Clarke signing the petition ? No, thought not.


Anonymous said...

I carry no torch for Labour, but it seems to me that if you're a Labour politician you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Typical Lib Dem, you.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I dint think you read what I said properly. I think you'ss see that I preaise Ian Gibson for having the guts to sign the wall. Quite how that is damning him you'll have to elaborate.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the comment about Simon Wright 'leading on this'... as if Gibson heard he was down the Forum and beat a path to Shelter's door to get in on the act.

Gibson has done plenty of work with the homeless before, and indeed has signed up to Shelter campaigns in the past. You can see it on his website:




Norfolk Blogger said...

Simon Wright signed it before Ian Gibson. In oder, Iain Gobson "followed" Simon Wright.

Again though, I made a point of praising Ian and talking of his virtues yet Labour supporters take offence if when you offer praise to them.

Anonymous said...

Who's Simon Wright? I've heard of Ian Gibson...

Norfolk Blogger said...

Quoting directly from the article, indeed quoting from the bit that incluides his name, that you had to read in order to ask who his is, it says

" Lib Dem candidate for Norwich South, Simon Wright,"

So at a guess, even you should be able to work out who he is, surely ?

I guess you knew this anyway and were being silly.

I'd learn his name though as he will be MP for Norwich South after the next election.