Why should it comes as a surprise that Peter Hain is a user of people, lacks principles and now appears to lack friends

Peter Hain, it appears, is not actually that well liked. He may well be Minister of State for Wales, and Northern Ireland, but with a Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly in place, being Minister for Wales and Northern Ireland are hardly the most onerous jobs in the world and really is more of titles that a jobs of work.

This tells me much about Peter Hain already.

Next we have the fact that he has enemies, with John Reid being one of them. The press and other bloggers have made much of the fact that Peter Hain is now being shown up to be a hypocrite and a liar for disowning the Police Powers order that he so openly supported just a few months ago. His pledge also to tax the rich more highly seems completely at odds with what he has said in recent months and has also angered Gordon Brown.

It seems that Hain's vanity, his obsession with making himself look and sound good to the Labour Party Membership have shown him up to his colleagues as being a liar and a liability. the Telegraph makes the point well HERE.

The fact is that liberal minded people and those who are Liberal in the political sense, know all too well what a user and a hypocrite Peter Hain is. he came to Britain under extreme circumstances yes, fleeing the apartheid regime in South Africa. But he joined the Young Liberals and turned them, or at least tried to, in to an anti apartheid organisation. It is doubtful that he at any point shared any ideology with the Liberal Party, he just used them.

So what does Mr Hainto next ? Does he work for the Liberal Party ? Does he work for a Liberal Government ? No, at the best moment for him, he jumps ship to the Labour party. After all, its easier in the Labour Party. More money, more activists, less like hard work. And eventually, Peter Hain makes it in to government.

Personally, I think it is great that Peter Hain has finally been shown up for the hypocrite that he is. It is just a shame it has taken so long for Peter Hain's cabinet colleagues to see him for what he is.


Anonymous said...

And he talks like his jaw his been wired together after a road accident or as part of some radical weight loss campaign.

Anonymous said...

He's a dreadful man - would send him to the Tower if I had the opportunity for, well, being him...