A story for all Focus editors

When Conservative blogs like Conservative Home and Iain Dale are agreeing with a Lib Dem blog like Paul Walter, you know that call me "Dave" Cameron and his policy review panels might not be on to a winner.

The Tories have said that they may allow major museums and galleries to charge for visitors, a practise ended by Labour. This opens up the opportunity for the Tories to be shown up as elitists who care little for the ordinary man in the street. The Telegraph headline which says "Tories want to make free museums history", couldn't make it any clearer.

Some Tories clearly despise ordinary people wandering around looking at art in the National Gallery or the Tate Modern. Money, not education or a right to share the culture of your nation is more important to them.

Well done to all those Tories who see that what their party is proposing as wrong. Let us hope though that they see it as wrong because it is the worst kind of snobbery, and not just because it is a vote loser.

To anyone else campaigning against the Tories, take note, put it on a leaflet and let the electorate know exactly what "Dave" and his new Tories are like.


Tristan said...

Why is that so wrong?

Here's a novel idea - lets be liberals and tax people less. Lets stop taking so much money from people and leave it in their own hands.
Then, poor people would be less poor and would be able to decide whether to spend money on going to museums.

I always did when I was younger, I spent my own money, my parents who are not rich Tories spent their money on taking my brother and myself (and other children).

Lets be liberals and let people make their own decisions rather than taking money from them to be spent how some mandarins in whitehall decide to.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Weren't you lucky that your parents
A) Considered it important
b) Had the money

What about another example. I teach in a deprived area of Norwich. Most children I teach have never been taken to a gallery or a museum by their parents and probably never will. As a school, we organiseda a trip to the National Gallery in London. Had we been forced to pay a charge for the entry to the gallery then I very much doubt that all the children's parents would have considered the trip worthwhile.

So as a result of the free entry, the children at my school had a unique chance to widen their education. They don't all have the opportunities you had.