What is the point of Facebook ?

I set up a Facebook group a few weeks ago. I didn't do it to change the world or to be clever or even to massage my own ego. I did it for the simple reason that I do not understand what purpose Facebook actually serves.
People claim that social networking is the future of social networking, in which case, can someone tell me how this is the case ?

To my mind it is like a e-mail newsgroup, a way of collecting e-mail addresses, basically, not anything special or new. However, I'd love to be proved wrong. Really, genuinely, I'd love to see how Facebook and other such tools can be of any value to me or Iain Dale for that matter, who has also announced today that he is setting up a Facebook group.

So if you think Facebook works AND you read this blog, then why not join my Norfolk Blogger Facebook group HERE, and leave a message on the message board telling me how Facebook will change my life.


Laurence Boyce said...

I don’t understand Facebook. I set up an account a while ago, but it wasn’t at all obvious what to do next. Perhaps we’re just too old. Why not set up a group for “Bloggers who don’t get Facebook”?

dynamite said...

I just use it to be gratutiously offensive to my close friends during the working day.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Dynamite. That sounds like the best suggestion I have heard for its use.

David Allen said...

Nich, I joined your new group a couple of days ago _ then nothing happened. Like many other people I have jumped onto the social media bandwaggon but can't quite see what it adds. And Facebook's extremely complex layer of privacy settings is very confusing. Do you want your workmates to see that you have joined 'Guys who look 'hot' in underwear' for instance?? Sounds like a recipe for too many worlds colliding, if you ask me.