Report slams Breckland Council's election count and questions the results

A report released today in to the fiasco that was the e-counting system employed by Breckland Council has raised questions about Breckland Council's competence in running the system, but also calls in to question the results themselves.

In one ward, a ward top be unique in the whole UK, the vote was conducted both manually and electronically. Bizarrely the electronic vote counted 56% MORE votes than the manual count.

Given the Labour lost some seats by just a handful of votes, they need to think hard about whether they have grounds to challenge the Tory Council over the way the count was conducted.

More importantly though, this should serve as a warning to any other councils contemplating such a scheme. Don't do it !


Anonymous said...

Hi Nich, can you let me have your email address and I will send you a four page letter that I sent to Breckland as a Labour agent at the agent outlining just how much they cocked up the election. Terry

Norfolk Blogger said...

It is norfolkblogger@gmail.com