Morally bankrupt Guardian shows that it is no guardian of free speech and high political values

The Guardian today exposed itself in the most ludicrous way today. The paper finally blew its cover story that it is a newspaper of the middle ground with high moral values. Instead, it showed itself to be the poodle of the Labour Party.

Who else would have encouraged The Guardian to print such a silly story as to claim that the Lib Dems were in talks with Labour to join a coalition ? With Lib Dems refusing to work with Labour in Scotland and Wales, wouldn't any serious journalist have realised that the story was completely false, baseless and without foundation ?

Which answers the questions really about the level of journalism in The Guardian. They know what is going on, they knew that there was not one shred of truth in the story. BUT since a Labour leaning hack was fed the story and The Guardian wants to curry favour with Gordon Brown, they agreed to print the story.

To hell with the truth and principles, The Guardian was only obsessed with getting their tongue's Brown around Mr Brown's behind.

Just to highlight how ludicrous this story was, even Iain Dale was totally disbelieving of it and tore the article apart in a clever way, highlighting the lack of a journalist putting their name to it and asking if it was such a scoop, why on earth was it dropped from later editions of The Guardian. Iain is never reluctant to have a dig at the Lib Dems, but when Iain won't use the story, you know it is trash, which by strange co-incidence, is what The Guardian is too.


jimS said...

er......Paddy confirms he was offered a cabinet job yesterday and Ming confirms that talks initiated by Labour took place.

Norfolk Blogger said...

er ...... Paddy confirms that it was an offer to have Lib Dem Lords in cabinet, not MP's as the Guardian alleged. They also said it was a group of Lib Dem MP's who were in talks with Labour. It was, in fact, Lord Kirkwood, not MP's.

The story today shows what a half truth the Guardian was promoting.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian? Supports New Labour? What have you been reading?