Best Day Ever For Norfolk Blogger

Sometimes blogging can be a little depressing. You put your thoughts down in to words and wonder why nobody reads what you have to say.

My own stats shot up quickly to an average of 80 to 90 individual readers a day in just three months, and with a lot of hard work that eventually got up to 120-150. However, in the last couple of weeks things have gone potty.

Last week I averaged about 210 a day whilst yesterday I had my best day ever with a staggering 858 unique visitors.

So many thanks to all readers of this blog.

I know I can expect the figures to drop down again, but I've learnt that blogging is somewhat cyclical, good months followed by bad. Too many bloggers get put off and stop their blogs because they haven't managed to change the world or created a rival to Iain Dale in the space of their first three months. The good news (or bad) is that you'll have to put up with me blogging for some time yet.

Thanks again - NB/Nich


youdontknowme said...

Congrats. I rarely ever go above 70 hits. I think you get so many because your blog is quite good and I am not even a lib dem supporter. Infact you were my blog of the week a few weeks ago.

Norfolk Blogger said...

You have to be clever about wording and key words (so Iain Dale tells me)