Do we really want to buy gas off someone who points missiles at us ?

Russia says it will start aiming missiles at us again but then expects us to buy their natural resources.

I don't know about everyone else, but I found their record of turning gas on and off last year pretty loathsome, and the way UK businesses have been treated in Russia, particularly the way Shell and BP have had to sell off their interests to the Russian state owned Gazprom is pretty shabby too.

Using more renewable energy, being less reliant on fossil fuels, and in particularly Russian gas, as a good enough thing to do on the basis of caring for the environment. But given Russia's threat to us, there is no better time for the country to seek as many opportunities as possible in order to reduce our reliance on Russian fossil fuels.

Russia's argument that the West must be targeted when Russia itself is not being targeted is crazy, but seems to be more about Russia trying to exert some muscle whilst they see the US as being weakened over Iraq.

I guess it justifies the UK's renewal of the our independent nuclear deterrent, and to be honest, having been brought up in the cold war, being aimed at by Russia is not going to scare me. however, we ought to wake up to the fact that Russia is turning more and more in to a one party state again, with a barely independent judiciary and a large army.

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Anonymous said...

I find the coverage of the whole business distasteful. Yes Putin's comments seem to have been tit for tat, and childish - very worrying given the nature of the subject matter.

But is George Bush not just as bad? It's OK for him to start building great big defensive shields, and deflecting criticism of their own appalling behaviour but not OK for others?

What gives him the moral high ground? Or us for that matter?