Government hypocrisy over Eco Villages

Although it is good news that the government are now supporting the principle of ecologically friendly eco villages, it does seem, yet again, to smack of absolute hypocrisy given the government's record of support for such schemes in the recent past.

In North Norfolk, with the closure many years ago of RAF West Raynham, dozens of RAF houses were left to rot for many years. In this time, North Norfolk District Council with others offered to take over these homes, buy them if necessary for a decent rate, and turn the site in to an environmentally friendly model of a community. In all this time, the government didn't seem to care one little bit about that the council's proposal.

Any meetings held at the time centred on Defence Estates, who managed the site, getting as much money for as little effort as possible, without reference or care to the community in the future or its economic or environmental impact on the community at any point.

The fact is that government has a role to play in not just telling people to build eco-villages, but also managing its own land and resources in order to help these things come to fruition. but whilst Defences Estates and other government agencies have "Make as much money as you can" as their primary objective, this may never happen. Shame.

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