Brilliant Observation from 5 tracks about old people

This is one of those things that you've never thought about until it's pointed out to you then when you read it, it is totally obvious.

Although, I'm not sure it is something the Liberal Democrats should adopt as party policy.


Anonymous said...

Interesting but I wouldnt go along with his comments at all. I think he is suffering from a mild form of 'Hitchmania'. And alot of it is all to do with geography. Not sure where he said he was located.
Being middle-aged I would rather vent my anger at the other end.. the noisy asbo teens.
I would guess that part of being old is having the freedom to do and go just where you like, unless of course you live in somewhere like Kentish Town North London where some folks feel like prisoners in their own homes. (Ham & High story...yet again).
But Iv'e yet to meet an elderly person on a bench with a degree in useless information, ala Peter Cook..'Is that a fact' (from the Secret Policemans Ball).


David Anthony said...

I honestly can't say I've noticed this problem before. Old people need to rest more, I like to walk and eat.

You've just become the first Lib Dem in my blogroll, do I get a free T-Shirt or something?

Norfolk Blogger said...

You get a virtual pat on the back and a reciprocal link too ! Who needs a T-shirt ?

Ryan Morrison said...

Hiya mate

Thanks for the comments but this was very much a tounge in cheek, grumpy young git mode post after a lunchbreak standing up because every bench in St Helier (Jersey) town was taken up - by old people.

But I don't really mind that much - it's the old people shopping at lunchtime that REALLY annoys me - why can't they do it at other times of the day - when I'm not on my break!