Why no Commons enquiry in to the Tories failure to act as an opposition over Iraq ?

I know the Tories object so strongly, and rather pathetically, to the Lib Dems use of the term "shadow" for Lib Dem front bench spokesmen. However, given the Tories abject and complete failure to act like an opposition back in 2003 prior to the invasion of Iraq, perhaps they have lost the right to object.

The question for me is, after the Tories failed bid today for an inquiry in to the Iraq war, how about the Tories having an internal investigation in to how they became the biggest supporters of the whole Iraq debacle.

The Conservatives may like to re-write history by objections so strongly to the Iraq war now, but when the important questions needed to be asked, when this country needed an official opposition, they were left lacking. In many way the Tories were beating the drum for war more strongly than the Labour Party.

When Charles Kennedy was being labelled "Charlie Chamberlain" by Tories and being jeered, it is perhaps pertinent to remember that the Lib Dems were having to be the opposition to both the Tories and Labour.

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Laurence Boyce said...

Yes, well said. It’s vital that we don’t let the Conservatives wriggle off the hook on Iraq.