At least we know that nobody likes Peter Hain

Whilst rumour, counter rumour and spin goes on over the attempt by Gordon Brown to get Lib Dem peers in to the cabinet, there is one thing all bloggers seem to agree on. That being that Peter Hain is obviously not top of the list to keep hi Northern Ireland job.
When The Thunder Dragon, Dizzy and Labour Watch all agree that it puts a large question mark over the future of Labour Deputy Leadership outsider Peter Hain.

Perhaps it will give him more time to spend with his sunbed ?

It might have been more ironic had a Lib Dem took the job, perhaps David Laws, then the "Orange man" could have been replaced by an "Orange Booker"


Anonymous said...

It's good to see that labour dislike him as much as everyone else.

Anonymous said...

David Laws to join a Labour government? Doesn't sound very probable.